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start readingFar Wars: Cosmopolis, City of the Universe Empire of Time Novel #1 by A. T. Nager (John Argo) First novel in the Empire of Time Series; my teenage novel, started at age 15 and completed at age 19 while a sophomore studying English at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. I had already completed at least four full drafts while in high school. More notes to follow. Written by a teenager (published under the pen name A. T. Nager) it can be read as a (mature) Young Adult (YA) novel today. [read online].

click to start readingOn Saint Ronan Street, a Love Affair A Young Adult Novel written long ago during the Cold War by a young (27) U.S. soldier stationed far, far from home in a West German garrison city. Like all young soldiers overseas, thrilled for the adventure yet lonely and homesick, hence this novel…a way of reliving his lost world of a New England college town, friends there, young women and love affairs reimagined in the glow of a Parkbräu beer glass served by a remarkably resembling author John Updike; all this, in an old, haunted Hitler-era Wehrmacht barracks amid darkness, moonlight, darting moths, and gentle, tidal strains of Mozart's Symphonies 40 and 41. Not to mention, many a four hour train ride to Paris, constellation of authors from Hemingway to James Joyce to François Villon and myriad other writer idols (Rilke, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Shakespeare & Co., endless list). +Info soon.

click to start readingOctober Leaf: 93 Poems by Jean-Thomas Cullen. One of my poetry collections, most written as a teenager years ago, here published under the pseudonym A. T. Nager—please enjoy. Background: background information