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Including a New Haven novel that spawned a Paris Novel

Paris Affaire (2017)

A Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light

click to start readingParis Affaire. In 2017, I published a Paris love story (Paris Affaire: A Young Poet and his Angel in the City of Light, which was a remake of a far earlier novel set in New Haven, Connecticut written in 1976 (On Saint Ronan Street) while I was stationed as a young soldier with the U.S. Army in West Germany during the Cold War. When I saw the 1964 movie The Umbrellas of Cherbourg in 2016, I realized that it was on a similar wavelength as my old novel On Saint Ronan Street. In one splendid afternoon, I ran globals through a copy of the 1976 file and ended up with the same story set in Paris—same characters, same everything pretty much, just different names. New Haven became Paris; the young poet Jon became Marc; the beautiful, lonely faculty wife became Emma; the Harkness Memorial belltower at Yale became the Bells of Notre Dame; and so on, and it really worked…except the ending of Paris Affaire ends on a very different, gloriously upbeat note (no pun intended on the sound of bells during the climactic kiss of the two lovers). Footnote: ironically, soon afterwards, Notre Dame de Paris was consumed in a disasterous fire, so we may not hear those bells again in our lifetimes. This novel captures their spirit. Read and enjoy.

Mona Lisa Novel (Nocturne in Paris)

(Nocturne in Paris)

click to start reading Set within a tragic, yet powerful and uplifting fantasy/ghost story across three parallel realities; a journey from darkness into light, climaxing with the amazing new theory about Leonardo da Vinci's greatest secret: why he obsessively spent years painting his Mona Lisa. The *real* Da Vinci Code revealed at last! New: read free at Galley City (see below). Footnote: this novel retains its original text, but the title has gone through a few changes. Not to worry. It's the same intriguing, powerful story that crosses ghostly boundaries and reveals secrets of three parallel realities. Includes a love story that ended tragically in one world, but reached glorious fulfillment in a parallel existence, told by a woman-angel from another dimension; while the true secret of Leonardo's Mona Lisa remains the same in all worlds.

Siberian Girl

The World is Round—Memories of Love & War 1942-1992

click to start reading Click to visit the store page on this site for my Airport Novel, sweeping, panoramic saga of love, loss, betrayal, and finding—covers half a century and two major wars (World War Two and the Cold War). Could be described as: Herman Wouk sits in a bistro with Boris Pasternak; Robert Ludlum and John T. Cullen walk in and join them at the same table… New: read free at Galley City (see below).

Valley of Seven Castles

A Luxembourg Thriller

click to start reading Click to visit the store page on this site for my Luxembourg thriller (Paris to Luxembourg at a Bourne Identity pace like in the 2003 movie with Matt Damon and Franka Potente; a Progressive Thriller). There's more: the plot structure is from the archetypal 1915 classic The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan; made into movies by Alfred Hitchcock and others. I discovered Hitchcock's Final Secret (hint: 1959 classic film North by Northwest). New: read free at Galley City (see below).


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NEW: Paris Novels by JTC. I've published at least four novels that are either entirely set in Paris, or have powerful Paris connections. My own Paris connections go way back. My grandparents from Luxembourg had their honeymoon there in 1922. As a small child, my mother took me there twice for family reasons. While I was stationed with the U.S. Army in West Germany during the Cold War (1975-1980) I regularly visited Paris on weekends, including Versailles; and traveled extensively through Europe. In recent years, I have again visited the City of Light. Of special note: read the history pages at the free reading folder on this site for The Bells of Notre Dame. That's a 2019 retitle after the 19 April 2019 fire at Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, from the 2017 novel Paris Affaire: Love Story of a Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light. As noted also, that novel was a remake of my 1976 New Haven, CT love story On Saint Ronan Street, written while I was stationed in Europe with teh U.S. Army; and that novel has a companion volume of poetry titled Cymbalist Poems, which is also relevant to the 2019 novel.

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