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NEW AT GALLEY CITY: I have published these books or articles in print and e-book editions through Amazon, I also make them available here to read free in full (for now). Reading time: you'll know in a minute or two if you are interested to continue reading. Lengths below for full read (short but thought-provoking).

Sator Enigma

click to start reading -  you'll know in one minute if interested to continue - est. 12,000 words or 30 minutes total click to start reading -  you'll know in one minute if interested to continue - est. 12,000 words or 30 minutes total Ancient Roman Enigma Solved At Last It is one of the most perfect number squares ever created: the Sator Rebus, dating back at least 2,000 years. It is found inscribed in key locations like military headquarters all over the ruins of the Roman empire, from modern Britain to modern Iraq. It consists of five words that can be read as a palindrome: SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS. Its meaning was lost in the mists of history, and all sorts of crazy legends have evolved. I am certain I have solved the mystery at last. The biggest surprise: it is as meaningful today as it was in early, agrarian Rome. No, it was not a Christian sign or a curse or a meaningless cipher planted to confuse us. My book reveals the true story, plausible beyond a doubt, based on an understanding of Latin grammar and ancient Roman history. (Core length about 12,000 words; est. 30 minutes).


click to start reading -  you'll know in one minute if interested to continue - est. 8,000 words or 20 minutes total click to start reading -  you'll know in one minute if interested to continue - est. 8,000 words or 20 minutes total A New Theory of Cosmology. Reading is understanding. I propose that the accelerating expansion of our universe is not due to some unexplainable 'dark energy' that may violate laws of conservation. Rather, it is due to the biggest and oldest force around: gravitation. But this is gravitation with a twist. The universe is not being pushed to accelerate its expansion. Rather, it is falling outward in all directions due to the ambient, aggregate gravitational mass of a much larger (perhaps infinite and eternal) structure I call the motherverse. As many scientists privately state, they are tempted to believe in the existence of many or infinitely many other universes; these ideas take us clearly in that direction. Such a paradigm shift ('larger structures') is nothing new. Last time was in the 1920s, when scientists at the leading edge were able to prove once and for all that our galaxy is not the entire universe. It was the final death knell for heliocentrism, and in fact our sun is nowhere near even the center of our galaxy; rather, as I like to say, we dwell in a remote trailer park near the edge of one spiral arm of the Milky Way. The discovery of larger structures opened a century of new discovery in many areas, including so-called walls of galaxies and the like. And yes, dark matter plays a key role. (Core length about 8,000 words; est. 20 minutes).

(more titles coming soon)

CAFFEINE BOOKS to GALLEY CITY and beyond: As of August 2020, I am adding a fuller nonfiction page at Caffeine Books, which was intended originally to introduce my fiction and poetry. Caffeine Books is my bookstore/display site or billboard for my titles. From there, if a book interests you, follow the links from Caffeine Books to Galley City to read part or whole free. More nonfiction titles appear on my Interesting Nonfiction (dot com) site. More info soon.


Disclaimers. For the record, I am not a conspiracy theorist, creationist, or other fantasy monger. "I have not come to destroy the Standard Model, but to fulfill it." I hold three college degrees including a B.A. in English and Liberal Arts, University of Connecticut; a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems, National University; and a Master's in Business Administration, Boston University. I am a U.S. Army veteran with a very solid service record, Honorable Discharge, Army Commendation Medal for Service, and more. My background also includes working as a newspaper reporter and journalist, in addition to scientific and technical writing in aerospace and computer systems development industries. I hold dual U.S. and European citizenship, am fluent in several languages, have lived and worked on both continents (not just a tourist), and among other works have translated the full text of Goethe's Faust I, poetry by Paul Verlaine and other modern poets, and Classical poetry in both epic (Virgil, Aeneid) and neoteric (Catullus, Martial, et al) schools.

With some books, I offer more bibliographical references than in others (coming soon). In any case, I'm comfortable with calling these ideas theories, hypotheses, or Gedankenexperimente (thought experiments). My hope is that readers will read with an open mind and a kind heart. After all, as the saying goes: Are we having fun yet?

My ideal is to follow the best traditions of the Enlightenment, including skeptical and open-minded inquiry. I fully support modern science and scholarship on all fronts. Hopefully, intelligent readers of positive and honest spirit will find the half hour or so needed to read each of these papers. Thank you [JTC].

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