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start reading! YANAPOP is the novel of the century!Welcome to Galley City. Clocktower Books, a pioneer global Internet and digital publisher in San Diego, is rolling out its innovative new ARC program in November 2018. You'll find our staff busily at work, including Galley Kitty and Galley Dog (on their break at the moment—see below). This is a new/old concept, and I'm having a great time with it; more info soon. No telling what it may grow into over time.

YANAPOP means Young Adult New Adult Participating Older PersonsInnovative New ARC Program I'm going to provide interested readers with free copies to read, enjoy, and review. I ask only for a fair deal in return: responsible readers who actually read the book are asked to provide an honest review online (Amazon sites for each book provided). Please be kind to both your fellow readers and to the writer who worked hard to create the book. Above all, we must all keep our sense of humor. If worst comes to worst, remember that your underwear may be worn as a hat while we all swim toward lifeboats.

Note From Galley Dog: BARC Program

Advanced or Archive Reader Copies. John T. Cullen (JTC), owner and publisher of Clocktower Books, will be offering free reads from his huge inventory of nearly fifty books. With a bit of humor, JTC observes that new books may be called Advanced Reading Copies; but he'll be posting ARCs of the first true e-books ever published online* (see criteria below). For a brief time 1996 to circa 1999ish, Clocktower Books was the only game in town for proprietary (not public domain) digital books. We had readers clamoring for more from every continent in the world.

Explaining our history: Criteria. Lots of info at the Clocktower Books Museum Site.

Helping Out at Galley City:

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Meet Galley Kitty and Galley Dog. Each is tuckered out from reading.

Who would naturally be a hero at Galley City? Why, Galley Kitty of course…

…and trusty Galley Dog. More from our furry friends soon!


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