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= A Poem Today =

by Jean-Thomas Cullen


     in sunshine
     rain drops twinkle

     on my toes

     when I
     look down

     I see two persons
     in the puddle

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Teenage Poet and Author websitespecial website - read poetry and fiction by teen/new adult author A. T. NagerDedicated A. T. Nager (a teenager) Website. He wrote his first poem at age 7, was a published poet by 18, and completed his first novel (SF: Summer Planets) at 19 while a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. The website features information about the author and his work, plus buy links (The Bookstore Metaphor).

Other: He became a professional writer at age 17 by starting as a summer interne reporter at a major New England metro daily, The New Haven Journal-Courier. He wrote his first small novel at age 11 (now long lost) and wrote his first full novel Summer Planets age 15 (high school) through age 19 (college). The coverage on these pages is mainly intended to finally recognize a talented teenage creative spirit. Let's do the same for other talented young creative souls out there of all races, creeds, gender orientations, and other unique features that give context to their expressive talents.

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*On Saint Ronan Street is the author's 27 novel, written while stationed in Cold War Germany as a young U.S. Army enlisted soldier. Companion volume Cymbalist Poems written mostly during high school, college, and early 20s. Note the pun on Symbolist Poetry; see: Symbolism, Symbolist Movement.

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