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CHAOS 2021: Washington Under Siege—Autumn of the Republic

New And Important: Relevant, terrifying 1990s Constitution thriller (originally titled CON2: The Generals of October) about a coup attempt in the U.S. capital Washington D.C. during the Second Constitutional Convention or CON2.

click for more info & free reading Reissued 10 Jan 2021 after the violent, chaotic coup attempt by a mob of ignorant, misled U.S. fascists following the latest Mussolini or Hitler demagogue, but more importantly manipulating them, as always, the veiled money, power, and total corruption of a tiny (1 or 2%) minority of oligarchs who own and control 90% of the U.S. economy.

Underneath the candy wrapper of a rousing entertainment (murder mystery, political thriller, cyber-journey, love story, with compelling characters) please find a reasoned, stunning analysis of Section V in the U.S. Constitution, and why we must NEVER allow a CON2 to occur.

Once the gavel goes down, the delegates will be beyond government or legal control because, inevitably, they will enjoy a form of diplomatic immunity. They will be a nation unto themselves, in total control of what form of U.S. government will emerge from CON2. Guaranteed, they will create a tyranny benefiting only the oligarchs. It's the end of democracy and of Enlightenment, and a permanent return to medieval-style tyranny. Read and enjoy, but also learn, and think!

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Youthful Poetry and Fiction (to age 30)


On Saint Ronan Street Novel age 27
October Leaf Poetry Teen & 20s (1 of 3 books)
27duet: Combo of On Saint Ronan Street + poetry (see above)
Paris Affaire: Romantic Novel Young Poet & His Angel in City of Light


Calling Earth Poetry Teen & 20s (1 of 3 books)


Summer Planets My teenage novel (age 19) also see Empire of Time

On Thriller Street (Suspense, Mystery, Thriller Fiction)


Lethal Journey 1892 Noir Gaslamp novel closely based on Dead Move (nonfiction investigation) True Crime+ Famous Ghost Legend/San Diego; 3rd book is Coronado Mystery duet of Lethal Journey & Dead Move.


Washington Under Siege: Autumn of the Republic (Constitution Thriller)
Terror in my Arms
Neon Blue

The Sibyl's Urn (out of print/new edition soon)

More books, articles, and short stories coming soon.


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