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In A Nutshell. I'm calling it the HTML novel, to distinguish it from print (p-books) or e-books. HTML novels are e-books posted to be read online or on your portable device (phone, laptop, etc.) Nobody is tracking you; it's 100% anonymous. There is no obligation of any sort, except the hope that you'll enjoy a good read. Tell your friends! That would be a great service. Post a nice review online to thank the author for entertaining you. If you really want to, think about what a cup of coffee costs. The coffee is gone in a few minutes, but for that money if you buy the e-book (tip the author!) that digital book will last as long as you keep it. Feel free to share, while understanding you can't sell it or otherwise profit from it, change any of the text, or put your name on it. It's intellectual property, owned by the author and registered with the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. That's it in a nutshell. Now start reading and have a lot of fun. Thanks for visiting!

Galley City's Serious Back Room Help:

Galley Dog Fifi Galley Dog Fred

Fifi ('Feef' to her friends) on the left is our line editor…

…and trusty Paste-Pot Fred at right handles the really big projects.


About the Galley City Concept

About Galley City Cafe - the Concept

What's Read-a-Latte?

Classic Concept. You can read free HTML novels (galleys, ARCs) all day. If you wish, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can thank the author and buy the book. Unlike the coffee, which is gone in a few minutes, your e-book will be with you forever. It's a great way to support Clocktower Books, and keep the free galleys coming from Galley City. Thank you!

Classic Choice. Here's another John T. Cullen slogan devised long ago, derived from a certain state motto: "Read free or buy!" That perfectly captures the spirit of the HTML novel. Read free, tell your friends, post a nice review, and maybe even (at the cost of a latte) buy the e-book at the easy to follow links provided with each HTML novel on this site. Thank you!