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1996-1998 Early WWW Classic Novels from Clocktower Books

Read & Enjoy Free Online (Original 1996 model)—Fair and Honest Review

1. start readingGirl Unlocked (Neon Blue) (April 1996) Suspense [read online].

2. start readingThis Shoal of Space (Fall 1996 The Haunted Village)[read online]

3. start readingPioneers (Clocktower Books 1997) Science Fiction [read online]

4. start readingTerror in My Arms (1999 thriller) [read online]

5. start readingHave Blue (1999 Historical Fiction) [read online].

6. start readingCON2: The Generals of October Political Thriller about a crisis during the Second Constitutional Convention (CON2) when corporate elites (rogue generals, fake preachers, cynical politicians, and faux news propagandists, etc.) stage a coup d'etat to overthrow the U.S. Government and deal the final blow to democracy in this republic. Written 1992 and uncannily prophetic in surprising ways, given what has gone on in the USA the early 21st Century. [read online].

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These six pioneering 1990s HTML novels are offered as a separate category (Classic Read). You can either read each of these six novels online as originally published during the 1990s, or download a PDF galley (also for free reading). Books added circa 2000 or later will only be available to read online (free) as HTML files at Galley City (no PDF). Historical information is at the Clocktower Books Museum website.

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