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1996-1998 Early WWW Classic Novels from Clocktower Books

Free ARCs to Read for Fair and Honest Review

Free Galleys For Reading and Review. At this site (Galley City) you can download free reading & review copies (ARCs or Galleys). Visit First Ebook to learn more about our pioneering work at Clocktower Books starting 1996. Or visit the Clocktower Books Museumin my webplex (over 30 linked websites owned and operated by yours truly). No fuss, no muss, no obligation. No cookies, no cupcakes, not even a free breath mint. Happy reading, and please do be kind and leave a nice review (or else nothing) at Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, and other sites online. Merci beaucoup!

1. Girl Unlocked (Neon Blue) (April 1996) Suspense [PDF available].

2. This Shoal of Space (Fall 1996 The Haunted Village)[PDF available]

3. Pioneers (Clocktower Books 1997) Suspense [PDF available].

4. CON2: The Generals of October (1998 Political Thriller) [PDF available]

5. Terror in My Arms (1999 thriller) [PDF available]

No further PDF files will be posted any time soon (download limits). Please read the available online galleys or files. Thank you for your understanding and helpfulness. If you read, please be kind and give a good rating. Thanks. JTC

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