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Here's Navigation Help. Sorry about any inconvenience. I put this enormous website (nearly 2,000,000 words) together in a six month blur of day and night activity. I planned the structure as best I could, but the end result is as beautiful and wild as a Gothic cathedral. So here's what to do.

Clocktower Books/Galley City navigation tool At the top of every page is an image with a clocktower at left and a lantern at right. There are two bars, depending on page width (999px or 600px). The lady is sleeping on top and shouldn't be wakened. When all else fails, click on that navigation bar to return to a higher flower. To return to the index (main) page of the website should never take more than two presses on that bar. From the index area, you can then navigate back to where you were reading.

Don't Click the Pic!

exampleUnless You Want to Flip Through the Pages. You'll find that every book or story will have a small inset image on the right side as each chapter or page text starts (example shown here is the navigation help icon). If you click on any such picture, you'll fly to the next page in that story. Don't do that, unless you need to flip through the pages quickly, in which case that inset at top right in the text is your tool. Otherwise, scroll down until the page ends, and then press the Next button to turn the page.

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Instead, scroll down to read the entire page one paragraph at a time. At the end you'll see three yellow typewriter key motifs, one to navigate back to the page before, one to return to the top of the page, and one to advance to the next page (that's the one you want to press to turn the page, virtually speaking).

On My Webplex (24+ Linked Sites)

My Webplex Overall (24+ Sites). I maintain at least two dozen websites linked (networked) together in what I call a webplex. The anchor is my personal website John T. Cullen. On my main eight websites, you'll notice a thin strip across the top, enabling you to navigate with one click among any of the eight top sites. Those are links for drilling down into the subterranean topic caverns (Galley City, My Nonfiction, My Fiction, My Poetry, Clocktower Books imprint, CTB Museum online since 1996, and some shopping stops). When in doubt, always navigate upwards to the sleeping lady and beyond.


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