Galley City by John T. Cullen

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=  Washington Under Siege  =

Autumn of the Republic

A Political/Constitution Thriller

by John T. Cullen

Chaos in Washington January 2021. Witnessing the horrifying insurrection attempt in the nation's capital, I felt compelled to reissue my 1990s thriller about a Second Constitutional Convention (CON2) under its new, compelling title. The similarities between my fictional seizure of power with the coup attempt of 2021 are very stark. Moreover, my novel is focused on Section V of the U.S. Constitution, whereby our sacred document can either be amended one painstaking step at a time, or if we hold a national CON2, the delegates can throw the whole Constitution in the trash and start over with an entirely different (most likely not democratic) idea leading to utter tyranny.

As we continue to grapple with years of lawless, subversive corporate takeover that led from Nixon and Reagan to Bush 43 and Trump under manipulation by corporate oligarchs, it is important to anticipate and dead-block any effort at a CON2. You can be sure that the oligarchic 2%, who own 90% of the nation's wealth and power, will make every effort to derail any attempt to return to the ideals of 1787.

When I wrote this novel in 1992 (and rewrote through at least five full drafts plus polishes, until I felt it was ready for reading by 1998), I was fairly neutral on party lines. I was what is today called 'a recovering republican' moving on a very predictable track from corporate republican to independent and inevitably to the Democratic Party where my principles reside today. If I were writing the novel today, it would be a far more emphatic rage against the machine of corporate money, power, and ruthless corruption that has already weakened the United States and the Enlightened West, so that the world of the 21st Century is dominated by ruthless dictators from Russia and China and other key nations. That's all fodder for conversations another day.

Right now, please enjoy a rousing thriller, understand the deadly serious message underneath the candy wrapper of entertainment, and help us keep the United States and the West free and democratic.

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