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World's First True E-Book* Published Online 1996

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= Girl Unlocked (Neon Blue) =

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John Argo's Neon Blue, published online in 1996, is the story of young Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt, a new DEA agent in Manhattan who is plunged into a deadly drug investigation involving an international smuggling ring from Colombia. Her investigation takes her coast to coast from New York and Connecticut to Chicago and San Diego.

Along this thrilling, perilous journey, she falls in love with two attractive persons. One is John Connor, millionaire importer and former fashion model, a real ladies' man who is searching for deeper meaning in life. The other is a breathtakingly beautiful Chinese-American San Diego police detective named Martha Yee. Where on the bi spectrum will Blue's heart land in this triangle of temptation? She can't wait long to think because a razor slasher is after her and the new man in her life, John Connor.

Neon Blue was the world's first true online e-book for reading online in HTML format rather than on portable media such as floppies. It is proprietary (owned by the author) rather than public domain, which sets this novel entirely apart from all the public domain material published online by then.

It was released in an innovative format of weekly serial chapters, one each Sunday evening for over a year, to resounding kudos from readers around the world. See the Clocktower Books Museum site for more info, or visit the book's page on Amazon online.

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First true e-book ever on line: Neon Blue, a 1996 suspense novel by John Argo from Clocktower Books

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