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Suspense Thriller Fiction by John T. Cullen

Jean-Thomas Cullen writing as John T. Cullen

=  CON2: The Generals of October   =

a.k.a. Autumn of the Republic

CON2: The Generals of October (Autumn of the Republic) About twenty-five years ago, when I set out to write my first 'big' mainstream novel, I found a theme suitable to the grand political scheme I had in mind. In the U.S. Constitution, I spotted Article V, which deals with amending the Constitution. We can either amend it one little amendment at a time, which means sending the amendment around to each of the fifty states for them to separately approve it (by a 2/3 majority, very difficult to achieve); or we could theoretically also hold a convention and have all the states approve that one amendment. It's never been done. There has only been one Constitutional Convention, held amid much rancor and debate in Philadelphia during the long, hot summer of 1787. My novel is a warning: don't do it. Let's never have that CON2. The risks are too great.

Seven Days in May Inspiration. CON2 was my first major foray into the big novel. One of my all time favorites that inspired this novel was Seven Days in May (1962) by Fletcher Knebel and & Charles W. Bailey II. It was a bestseller, and made in to a successful movie by the same title (Seven Days in May) in 1964. An interesting fact is that the screenplay was written by our SFFH hero Rod Serling. Interestingly also, Rod Serling's screenplay was resurrected in 1994 as a television movie titled The Enemy Within, starring Forest Whitaker and other top stars.

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