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By Jean-Thomas Cullen (Poetry/Sentimental Fiction)

poems by A.T.Nager a teenager & young adultRead Poetry: A Poem Today
The Bells of Notre Dame: Young Poet & His Angel in the City of Light
On Saint Ronan Street
27duet duet On Saint Ronan Street + Cymbalist Poems.
Stop By

By John T. Cullen: Nonfiction

Coming Soon.

Click for sister siteBy John T. Cullen: Fiction (Thrillers)

Lethal Journey 1892 True Crime+ Famous Ghost Legend/San Diego.
Valley of Seven Castles
CON2: The Generals of October
Doctor Night
Terror in my Arms
The Christmas Clock—Time's River of Dust (Ray Bradbury Loved It!)
Airport Novel: The World is Round; Memories of Love & War 1942-1992

By John Argo: DarkSF (Science Fiction)

Click for Books About Paris, sister site

Nebula Express
Doom Spore San Diego
Meta4City (Monopol City)
Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.
Woman in the Sea

By John Argo: Empire of Time (Science Fiction)

Lantern Road
Mars the Divine
Summer Planets (not yet a free read; click for info)
Runners: Escape from Prison World or Die
Far Wars— Cosmopolis: City of the Universe by A. T. Nager
Orwell in Orbit 2084: Dystopia USA

By John Argo: Misc. Categories

WOMAN IN THE MOON: Mona Lisa Novel, or: Paris Nocturne (Leonardo da Vinci's Final Secret)
YANAPOP: Run For Your Life, a Love Story
Neon Blue
Have Blue

The Sibyl's Urn (out of print/new edition soon)

More books, articles, and short stories coming soon.


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