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Far Wars: Cosmopolis, City of the Universe (Empire of Time Series SF) by A. T. Nager (John Argo age 19)


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This is my teenage novel, begun at age 15 and completed after many drafts at age 19 while a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, where I earned by B.A. in English at 22. This novel was and remains the cornerstone of my Empire of Time (SF or High SciFi) Series. I have in recent years published my (mostly teenage) poetry and this novel at Galley City under the pen name
A. T. Nager.
—John Argo
(Jean-Thomas Cullen, a.k.a John T. Cullen).

Table of Contents


Myths of the Sleepy Ages

    Part I:  Mercury City

Autumn—Far Wars

     Part II: Arcturus

Sun Flare & Golden Girl

     Part III: Lethe

River of Forgetfulness


Myths of the Sleepy Ages…

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