John T. Cullen's revolutionary new theory of cosmology


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Gravity Causes The Acceleration

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I suggest that the acceleration of the expansion of our universe is not caused by a mysterious dark (energy) push-force at all. Instead, it is caused by the pull-force gravitation (a commonly understood and accepted mechanism rather than some mysterious black box concept).

We have known for a long time that gravitation is a fundamental force in the universe. Recently, experimental evidence has shown that the universe is not steady state (never changing size), nor is its acceleration slowing in such a manner that its aggregate mass will eventually cause it to collapse. That left one other possibility, as scientists saw itónamely that the universe is accelerating fast enough to overcome its aggregate gravitation, and will simply continue expanding forever.

It has turned out that none of these scenarios is true, though the last one comes close. It turns out that not only is the universe flying apart, fast enough to overcome its gravitational mass, but in fact it is accelerating due to some mysterious force. Working within the Standard Model for a single, unitary universe, scientists have suggested a 'dark energy' that is pushing the universe to expand faster and faster.

This 'dark energy' is largely undefined, but seems to imply some really remarkable departures from standard science. If this overwhelmingly powerful energy is real, then where has it been hidden? What is it? Nobody knows, because it is unknowable, and it is that because it does not exist.

Instead, I suggest, the universe is being pulled apart in all directions. Just as Newton's legendary apple fell faster and faster, the longer it was in free-fall before hitting the ground, so the universe is flying apart faster and fasteróin all directions.

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