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= The Christmas Clock =

(Time's River of Dust)

A Dark but Cheery Holiday Fantasy by John T. Cullen

Ray Bradbury (Jan. 2008) sent John T. Cullen
a personal fanmail rave for Christmas Clock


Ray Bradbury sent his own personal fan rave for The Christmas ClockRay Bradbury in 2008 sent the author a personal rave review and fan mail: "John: Read and loved your Clock. Bravo!"

The Christmas Clock by John T. Cullen is a new classic in the tradition of Charles Dickens and Ray Bradbury.

It's a dark but happy holiday fantasy story for all ages.

In this entirely fresh, original take on old holiday traditions, Scrooge is old banker Latchloose. The genie is a modern cellphone outsource named Cuphandle. Latchloose has become isolated and has lost his family uipon the death of his beloved wife Gretchen. His life is full of regretchen.

Can Latchloose find his way to a new life and happiness?

Djinn Cuphandle helps him cross Time's River of Dust to a city of memories.

More info soon. From Clocktower Books.

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