Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D. by John Argo



Very strong 2003 Library Journal review: "Awakening in a cave, Alex Kirk believes he is the only human being living on an utterly changed Earth—until he discovers a bloody footprint in the sand. [The author] re-imagines Daniel Defoe's classic tale as a far-future survival adventure… suitable for large libraries."

Table of Contents

    First Glimpse p.0
    1. Alex Kirk Marooned p.1
    2. Caves p.2
    3. Daylight p.7
    4. Footprint p.17
    5. Island p.19
    6. Friday p.24
    7. Siirk p.30
              8. Space p.40
              9. Station p.59
              10. Earth p.74

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