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Empire of Time—High SciFi

Midafternoon of a Procyon Coral
Night Songs at Um
A Planet Named Magic

Uptime Jazz, Four by Argo (TBD—Anthology of the above four stories in the Empire of Time series)

Night Shots Series Suspense

Click for Jurassic Yard novelette Jurassic Yard (new 2019)
Broken Wing
The Hill Club
Being & Becoming
Foto Finish
The Flower Baron

Ghosts and the City ~ Fantasy

Ghosts and the City #1
Ghosts and the City #2
The Hair Ribbon, a Halloween Incident

Strange Doors Anthology (Weird Tales/DarkSF)

City of Mirrors
Control Game
The Marks on the Roads
Syndicate Motel
Taxi M'Koo & the Helium Drive
The Firemen's Dance
The Neighbors Are Different

Up Late, the Argo 8 (Anthology—TBD)

Three Tales of Parallelocation
Sad Lady Lake
Weola, Kansas

Galactic Galley Kittens

Break Kitty

Obi Juan Kitty

Geronimo (left) is an ace starship trooper and reader, on break at the moment and taking care of some business out in the back yard…

…Obi Juan Kitty at right sent us this cartoon image of himself flexing before the mirror.


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