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The Galley City Concept

We Want To Be Read. It's very simple. Those of us who create art of any form (prose, poetry, sculpture, music, painting, anything) want to share. It's an arc, from the writer to the reader. I'll have a lot more to say about all this because writing has been my life's passion. The journey itself is life. The trolley guide is our writing. The destination is the reader's time spent sitting in the seat of that metaphoric transit coach, looking out the window at the passing worlds we story-tellers have created in our imaginations. We journey with the help of our lovely cats, dogs, and other fellow travelers. These visions and vistas arc from the writer's imagination to the reader's imagination—JTC*.

When I Say Jump, I Mean Link! I vowed to myself I'd keep this About page short and on one screen—fat chance; I'm a writer. That includes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and old-fashioned newspaper journalism. I'll use what we used to call jumps—from one page to another, here meaning links to sub-pages, like this:

Who is JTC? Press for Info.

My Happy Place. I have rediscovered the joy of online publishing in HTML format, which I started doing in April 1996. By 2000, we were focusing on the new e-commerce, on hand-helds like the Rocket eBook, and the wonderful Fictionwise e-book platform online. Today, more than ever, publishing is a buyer's game, and it's increasingly hard anymore connecting with readers as millions of new books flood the market. Amid all the ups, downs, and hard work with p-books and e-books (as I'll call them), I have rediscovered my oasis of happiness. I quickly figured out that my ideas about HTML publishing should resonate with many other writers, and offer us all some new/old options. All readers are invited to share the happy glow as well; without you, we'd be nowhere. I'm happiest having all three publishing options open to me: p-books, e-books, and what I'm calling HTML novels for now. I wanted something that rhymed with p and e, but all the domains are taken. Whatever we may call it, we're in a new/old place as (so soon!) the 21st Century donut carries us into the jelly center of its decades.

Writers: A Third Wave! The world of p-books (pre-digital print) was a brick wall closed to most of us in the previous century. I've had my share of success and my dose of (what shall I call it?) philosophy. If print books were the first wave, the new wave or second wave is e-books. However, nearly a quarter century into the digital game, the market is not just flooded but drowning, and I'm here to tell you about a Third Wave…

Read all about it: Third Wave (HTML Novels)

Continued At Right. Below the Happy Reader and her Galley Dog. She's reading an HTML novel on a tablet cleverly disguised as a 1916 trolley schedule in Westend Budapest, Hungary. Galley Kitty couldn't be in the picture because she is too busy editing my next novel for me alongside Feef (below).

Helping Out at Galley City:

Galley Dog Fifi

Galley Dog Fred

The Serious Back Room Help.

Fifi ('Feef' to her friends) on the left is our line editor…

…and trusty Paste-Pot Fred at right handles the really big projects.


About the Galley City Concept

Galley City Cafe - Books & Coffee

Where Were We?

No Matter Where We Go, There We Are. This is a journey. Actually, for me it's both a journey and a destination. Here on the Web, my books are always open. That fluttering of pages may be just the wind blowing in through my Windows, or it maybe a ghost, or it may be a reader enjoying an eyeful of pixels. Over the years, the most wonderful comment I have consistently received from readers has been in three parts: (1) I couldn't stop reading; (2) I could see the movie in my head the whole time; (3) when can I read your next one?

I haven't become wealthy, but this is potent drink for the soul, and I am quite happy. Life isn't easy for any of us, but writers (artists in general) have this intoxicating gift of imagination and creativity that makes the whole trolley ride much more bearable.

Please read, enjoy, and leave a favorable comment (Amazon, et al.) If you want to throw a coin in my cup down here in the subway (no obligation; your presence alone is an honor) you can buy the e-book (or even the p-book) edition of my work for the price of a coffee ("read-a-latte").

Another marketing term I came up with years ago now applies more than ever: "read free or buy." Thank you, come back often to look for more postings, and may the pixel winds be strong at your back. ASCII not what your country can do for you, but ASCII where is JTC's next book? Adé!